Story of a small mud-and-stone school with volunteer teachers

The red-roof building is the new school building

Abu Dhabi Corniche in 1995 (Picture by the author)

The story of a small town, a newsagent, and Donald Club

The northern corner of Mansherhar. Photo by the author, 2020

How to make an effective presentation

An Exxon employee making a presentation to the sales group, in Lahore (From the author’s collection)

A Canadian Couple travels to the Northern Areas of Pakistan

Gilgit- Hunza, Pakistan (photo Pintrest, by EK-Hunzai)
Islamia College Peshawar.

Things you must never do during a job interview

How they are similar — and dissimilar

Hagia Sophia — Photo by Oleksandr Naumenko on Pinterest

His long-held wish to travel abroad was fulfilled but not in a way he had dreamed.

PIA Boeing 720

Aziz Ahmad

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