A Boatride in Copenhagen

Photo by the author

Copenhagen is a great walking city, but you would be missing out on something if you didn’t take a boat tour of the city. The city has several canals running through it and a boat ride offers an excellent view. I took one.

It was a beautiful sunny October day, comfortably cold. The sun felt good. The boat was full of tourists, mostly Europeans and a group of Chinese. I settled down in my seat, taking in the sun and the sights on both sides of the canal — historical old palaces, churches, opera houses, and other famous buildings.

Getting into the mood, I hooked the headphones to my phone and switched on my favorite Coke Studio music. But, for some reason, the sound was not audible enough for me to hear the song. I kept raising the volume, but it didn’t help.

Meanwhile, I noticed that the people around me were looking at me, a little baffled. A Chinese man sitting across the aisle from me was staring at my phone like a surprised bird who, suspecting a trap, is ready to fly off.

I took out the headphones from my ears to see what was going on around me. To my embarrassment, I discovered that my phone was on the speakerphone at a high volume and everyone except me was forced into listening to this full-throated Seraiki song by Sahir Ali Bagga and Aima Baig:
ساکوں ڈھول مناوناں اے ، ساکوں یار مناوناں ہے ، پاہنویں سر دی بازی لگ جاوے

I have to appease my lover, I’ve to win him/her over again
Even if I lose my life doing that

It’s a delightful song, but I’m not sure how it must have sounded to my fellow boat riders. I suspected, though, a few among the group had begun to enjoy the beat.

If you want to hear the song, click below:


October 9, 2017