12 September 2017

I climbed up the hill — a very steep climb — to see this massive, fort-like, round, stone building with a golden crown at the top, overlooking the city of Gothenburg. This is one of the landmark buildings of Gothenburg and is visible from everywhere in the city.

On the way up, I asked a woman, who was walking her two little dogs, what was the best way to reach the building, and what was this building about. She showed me the easiest path to take and, in halting English and heavy accent, with an unanimated expression — like most Swedes when they talk to strangers — she explained: “Zis is a military building. It was built four ‘hundghed years ago to defend the city against Danish attack. But the city was never attacked.”

Today the building is a private facility used for conferences and private parties.

All photos are by the author

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